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Welcome to my site.

I offer a wide variety of world coins and other numismatic items for collectors.  I try to provide a broad range of items at very reasonable prices to satisfy many collecting interests.  I usually update all my lists at least twice every month.

Contact Information

Martin C. Solano, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 11021
Washington, DC 20008

For more information, send email to:

Ordering Instructions

  1. Just send your want list to  Please include the complete information (including listed prices).  You can copy and paste it into an email, or send a Word or Excel attachment.

    Note: You can export a file from any of my lists (by clicking on a link that says "SAVE TO FILE" and edit that file to reflect your want list before emailing it to me.

  2. Pictures of better coins (over $20) are available upon request.

  3. I will check availability and write back (usually within 24 hours).

  4. Payments accepted include Paypal, check or money order.  Please send me your address.

  5. I will send items as soon as I receive payment.

Coins Wanted

I am also buying.  I am looking for world coins and banknotes, notgeld coin and paper, U.S. coins, transit tokens, and coal scrip. I don’t really deal with ancient coins or medals (yet), except for Asian pieces.

Want to Trade?

I may also be interested in a trade.  Let me know if you have something interesting to offer.

Shipping & Insurance Fees


Up to $50: $3.00
$50 - $100: $5.00
$100 - $500: $8.00
Over $500: free

(Costs may vary slightly depending on weight.)


Registration is highly recommended, which is normally about $10.80, plus the shipping costs.

I will send up to $50 in material without registration, at your own risk.

Up to $50: $5.00
$50 - $100: $7.00
$100 - $500: $10.00
Over $500: free

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